The digital world opens a whole new world of possibilities for historians.  I believe that historians are going to be increasingly required to seriously engage with information technology and social media in the future.  This will not replace the basic techniques and forms of communication that historians use today, it will supplement them.  Historians will still be required to engage with primary sources, to be effective writers, to back up their assertions with evidence.  The digital world enables historians to do all this in greater depth and communicate their work more effectively.

I have been using twitter and blogs to learn the techniques and implications of the use of information technology for historians.  I started to share what I had learned on my blog, www.stumblingpast.wordpress.com, but realised that a general reader may not be interested in the nitty gritty of it all, so I created this blog.

My name is Yvonne Perkins and I am exploring the world of digital humanities to assist my historical research.  This blog is intended to introduce people to digital humanities and explain the basic techniques and methodologies that digital humanists use.  It explores the world of historic data and demonstrates how judicious use of information technology can enhance our historical insights.

This blog is about learning.  By sharing my experience I will be developing my understanding of digital humanities.  Sometimes I will stumble or get lost, and sometimes I will be excited by the progress I am making.  By sharing my difficulties as well as my successes I hope that this blog will contribute towards your learning too.

Collaboration enhances understanding further. I hope that you will collaborate with me by sharing your thoughts in comments on this blog; or you could send me an e-mail – to Yvonne Perkins at perkinsy1@gmail.com; or if you prefer the pithy and ephemeral, you can send me a tweet @perkinsy.

Join me and we can stumble through the future together!

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