The History Manifesto and Big Data

I published this review of the ‘Big Data’ chapter in The History Manifesto written by historians, Jo Guldi and David Armitage on my history blog last month. It is now on the reading list of HIST4170, Exploring Digital Humanities, a course offered by the history department at the University of Guelph, Canada.

Backup, Backup, Backup!

First published on my other blog 20/12/2010.
external hard disc drive surrounded by clouds

Essential backup devices: external hard disc and the Cloud,

Computer backup is vital.  This was brought home to me when we suffered the Great Perkins Computer Glitch of 2010.  Every computer directory that contained my work for the last year disappeared, including all my research for my thesis.  Yes, it vanished!  I was having trouble opening a directory; we left it to watch a movie and when we came back we could not see or access a single file.  Fortunately my other half, Hubble, had set up not one, but two backup systems.  Now we were to find out how good our backup systems really were…. Continue reading